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The Largest Premier Conference brings together business professionals for unparalleled insight into how the use of AI.


Artificial Intelligence Live focuses on practical how-to and what-to. Keynotes and case studies provide you with need-to-know takeaways to accelerate your path to trusted AI adoption. Learn how the most progressive organizations are rethinking and adjusting the role of AI to prepare their businesses for the future, accelerate change, and gain a competitive advantage.

A use-case-oriented approach to content delivers actionable insights from those involved in the deployment of AI in the enterprise. Agenda spans across industries and provides you with a detailed framework for implementing, maintaining, and advancing AI projects within your organization. The next step in your AI journey begins here. 


Just Some of Our Outstanding Speakers 

Dr. Mahendra Samarawickrama

Dr. Mahendra Samarawickrama

Director, The Centre for Sustainable AI, The Centre for Sustainable AI

Artificial Intelligence World Live - A Virtual Conference

Tuesday 18th July 2023 | 11:00 - 11:45 am


Dr Mahendra Samarawickrama (GAICD, MBA, SMIEEE, ACS(CP)) is the ACS ICT Professional of the Year 2022. He is a highly accomplished leader having an impressive track record of driving visions, technology innovations and transformation towards humanity, social justice, and sustainability. He is extremely passionate about empowering people, innovations, and creativity to enhance the businesses and customer experience. His experience spans across conceptualising, building and managing a variety of AI and data science teams, systems and processes. He is a Director of The Centre for Sustainable AI. He leads the Australian AI and data-science strategy while building capabilities for social justice and sustainability with diversity, equity and inclusion in AI and data science by mobilising the power of humanity.

He is an author, inventor, mentor and regular speaker in various tech forums, conferences and events worldwide. He holds a PhD in computer science with double masters in business administration (MBA) and project management (MPM). He is an industry collaborator who actively leads technology innovation-and-transformation initiatives and partnerships toward humanity, social justice and sustainability. In this perspective, he is an Advisory Council Member in Harvard Business Review (HBR), an Expert in AI ethics and governance at Global AI Ethics Institute, an industry Mentor in the UNSW business school, a senior member of IEEE (SMIEEE), an honorary visiting scholar at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), an Advisor for Data Science and Ai Association of Australia (DSAi), and a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD).

He developed the Australian Red Cross AI governance and strategy framework crucial to the business’ successful deployment of Data Science and AI capabilities to mobilise the power of humanity. He built the Volunteer Data Science and Analytics team from the ground up, supporting the Australian Red Cross’s strategic goals. He helped the business for personalised engagement of customers for disaster resilience in the demanding times of pandemics, natural disasters, and global conflicts. He was also a co-author of the IFRC data playbook and contributed to the data science and emerging technology chapter for AI governance, ethics, and literacy. In all these processes, he valued diversity, equity and inclusion. In recognition of this, his team became finalists in 1) the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Action Award in the 2021 IoT Awards, 2) the Best Use of Technology to Revolutionise CX Award in the 2021 Ashton Media CX Awards, 3) the Service Transformation for the Digital Consumer for Not-for-Profit/NGO in 2022 ACS Digital Disruptors Awards, and contributed to winning the CX Team of the Year Award in 2021 Ashton Media CX Awards. All of these awards are prestigious national awards.

Carolina Pinart

Carolina Pinart

Group Head of R&D Information Technology, Nestle

Artificial Intelligence World Live - A Virtual Conference

Tuesday 18th July 2023 | 10:00 - 10:45 am


Dr. Carolina Pinart is the Group Head of R&D Information Technology at Nestlé, in charge of accelerating R&D’s digital transformation through key IT capabilities to deliver purpose-driven innovation. Before that, she was Global Product Director for New Generation Technologies at Nestlé, where she industrialized emerging technologies across the Group such as AR/VR, AI, chatbots, advanced nutrition or voice, and led Nestlé’s company-wide AI Strategy Program, as well as the Barcelona Innovation Outpost. She holds a PhD in Engineering from the Technical University of Catalonia and has conducted business studies at the London Business School and New York University. Prior to Nestlé, she was the Chief Operating Officer of a New York City based startup, where she developed and launched an app ecosystem to match taxi supply and demand in real time. She also led Telehealth and Connected Car product development and new business launches for wireless carrier Telefónica, based in Madrid and the UK, with operation in Europe and Latin America. Carolina started her career as a consultant for Altran in France and worked in research and innovation for Siemens in Germany and for a leading technology center in Barcelona. Over that period, she published over 70+ papers in international journals and conferences and obtained 1 patent in diverse areas such as mobile video, wireless communications and optical networking.

Dragos Margineantu

Dragos Margineantu

Artificial Intelligence Chief Technologist, Boeing

Artificial Intelligence World Live - A Virtual Conference

Tuesday 18th July 2023 | 12:00 - 12:45 pm


Dragos Margineantu is the AI Chief Technologist and a Senior Technical Fellow with BoeingResearch & Technology. His research interests include Computational Decision Systems, Probabilistic Models forUncertainty, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Anomaly Detection, Robust MachineLearning, Human-in-the-loop Systems, Inverse Reinforcement Learning, Tractability in Intelligent Systems, Cost-sensitive Learning, Active, and Ensemble Learning. Dragos was one of the research pioneers in ensemble learning and cost-sensitive learning since the 1990s.
At Boeing, he designed and developed computational solutions for airplane maintenance, autonomous systems, surveillance, manufacturing optimization, and design. Dragos is the technical lead of the team developing the decision system, perception localization, and mapping for the Autonomous Caravan, developed by BCA PD. He served as PI and technical lead of DARPA programs ranging from "Learning Applied to Ground Robots” (that pioneered autonomous driving) to “Bootstrapped Learning”, and from“Personal Assistant that Learns (PAL)” to “Assured Autonomy”–a program that sets the foundations of robust machine learning to engineer for autonomous systems. Dragos Margineantu serves as the Editor of the Springer book series on “Applied MachineLearning” and as the Action Editor for Special Issues for the Machine Learning Journal (MLJ). He serves on the editorial board of both major machine learning journals (MLJ and JMLR), and served as senior program committee member of all major machine learning and AI research conferences. In 2015 he was the program chair of the premier applied data science conference, the KDD-Applied Science Track. In his free time, Dragos coaches middle schoolers for Mathematics Competitions or takes his camera out to photograph unique corners of nature.

Poonam Goyal

Poonam Goyal

Sector Head and Senior E-Commerce & Athleisure Analyst, Bloomberg Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence World Live - A Virtual Conference

Tuesday 18th July 2023 | 09:00 - 09:45 am


oonam Goyal is Sector Head and Senior Equity Analyst for North American E-Commerce at Bloomberg Intelligence. With more than 18 years of equity research experience, Poonam covers leading e-commerce and athleisure brands at Bloomberg Intelligence including, Wayfair, eBay, Etsy, ThredUp, Poshmark, Rent the Runway, Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, VF Corp and Lululemon. She frequently appears as a guest on TV and radio outlets worldwide where she discusses her research and industry insights. Ms. Goyal started her career following Steel and Service Center companies at Goldman Sachs Investment Research Group and then transitioned over to Retail.

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The event is a showcase of next-generation technologies and strategies from the world of Artificial Intelligence, an opportunity to explore and discover the practical and successful implementation of AI in driving forward your business. 

AI Live brings together key thought leaders and trailblazers from cross-vertical to bring the spotlight on how AI is creating business impact across industries, review the landscape of AI adoption across verticals, and learn from leaders to achieve AI excellence.

With over 1500 attendees expected, this event is the largest gathering of senior-level executives across the entire AI ecosystem and beyond.


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With over 2000 attendees expected, this is not your typical virtual conference. Get ready to be immersed in a highly interactive educational experience, where you can deeply engage with the content and thought-leaders.  

You will hear cutting-edge content, practical advice and case studies with real-world solutions from thought leaders in Artificial intelligence World Live;  sharing best practice, strategies and views on implementing Artificial intelligence World into your business for maximum impact with minimum disruption! 

You’re on the path to Artificial intelligence World, but is it the right one? Whether you are new to Remote Work World, or at an advanced stage of maturity, Artificial intelligence World Live will not only help demystify and guide, but provide you with practical take-away’s you can implement in your business immediately, allowing you to access the experience and knowledge of others to help ensure your implementation is rapid, cost-effective and sustainable.

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What is deep learning? Or intelligent automation? Or any number of AI-related technologies and applications that seem to be used more and more every day?

With AI, we’re now firmly in the era of implementation.

But what does your organization’s AI journey look like? Are you able to move beyond proofs of concept to production – and quickly - to stay ahead of your competitors?​

This practical event will help you identify key areas that are critical to successfully scale AI. The result of combining these factors? A multiplication of value for your business.

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